Storing Homemade Cat Food


Question: If I make my own cat food, what should I store it in?  Answer: Go for containers that hold just enough food that, once it’s thawed, can be used up within a day or two – three days maximum. Personally, I like using pint-sized, sturdy, wide-mouth, glass freezer jars for storing the food. Click here to see what I use, if you like. 

  • In my house at least, the pint size holds just the right amount of food (more or less) to feed two cats one day’s worth of food.
  • The wide-mouthed version of these jars makes it super-easy and fast to portion the food into the jars on foodmaking day. The “can-or-freeze” variety of these canning jars are good and thick – protecting the food from freezer burn.

I’ve had the same jars for many, many years now and the only part I’ve periodically replaced are the metal lids that, over time, tend to get worn out.

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