Over the years, generous website visitors volunteered their time and talent to translate various pages of this website. Below is a list of the pages are available in different languages.

  • I cannot confirm the accuracy of the translations, of course, but I am deeply grateful for the hard work of these volunteers.  They’ve done so much to make this site accessible to a broader audience and I offer a deep bow of thanks to each of them.  
  • Please bear in mind that I frequently update this site and so I cannot guarantee that the translated version of a given page reflects the most current version of the page.  

The translations themselves are accessible by clicking the appropriate button links that appear at the bottom of each referenced page below.

If you are interested in volunteering to translate any of this website’s pages, please contact me.


– Pictorial page


– Home page
– Foodmaking page
– Open letter to veterinarians page


– IBD page
– Open letter to veterinarians page


– Foodmaking page


– Home page
– Recipes page
– Pictorial page
– Tips page
– Obesity page
– Periodontal disease page
– Urinary tract page
– Litter box page
– Cleaning page
– Sample handout for vets page


Recipes page


 Home page
 IBD page


– Recipes page