Pilling Cats Safely

None of us want to have to give our cats medication, it nonetheless is something that many of us may one day face or are perhaps facing already.  

One little fact that I had never focused on until it was driven home to me by Dr. Lisa Pierson is how important it is, when pilling a cat, to remember that swallowing a pill for a cat without following it up with some kind of liquid or food to protect kitty’s esophagus from being exposed directly to the effects of a “dry swallow” can be harmful.  

My invitation to you is to keep this link from catinfo.org handy for some practical pointers about pilling cats (and dogs!).

It’s one of those things that vets frequently fail to focus on or give instructions to their clients about after they’ve prescribed a medication – so it’s wise to file away if the need every arises for you.

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