Carnivores Through and Through

Our cats are carnivores in all their parts. Honoring that truth helps keep them from getting obese and sick.

  • Look at the beautiful TEETH of a cat! Those lovely, sharp, prominent canines are there for stabbing. The entire structure of a cat’s mouth is designed to shear off chunks of meat and swallow it whole.
  • Those raspy TONGUES can lick the meat off of bones. Instead of grinding molars that move back and forth, a cat has carnassial back teeth that act like scissors to slice off flesh.
  • Look at the PADS of your cat’s feet! They are ringed with fur because Ma Nature designed her to stalk silently and come closer to her prey. Her WHISKERS allow her to move confidently in darkness and guide her to the nape of the neck for a killing bite.

Cats are carnivores. And getting your cat on the diet nature intended is the finest way to get her and keep her at her true, svelte, self. 

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