My Cat Nutrition Guru, Dr. Lisa Pierson

Dr. Lisa Pierson, whose acquaintance I was lucky enough to make many years ago when I began sniffing around the whole cat nutrition question, was featured in an extensive interview in 2015 with Dr. Karen Becker.

The two discuss Dr. Pierson’s accumulated wisdom on cat nutrition. I’m fascinated with what she shares about how her previous focus on equine medicine informed her understanding of the importance of a species-appropriate diet for felines.

Dr. Pierson is a California veterinarian who works hard to save countless cats from misery, pain, and abuse through tireless and often heartbreaking rescue work. She’s helped to keep me on the straight and narrow when it comes to interpreting and deciphering the professional literature on feline nutrition.

She’s also become a good friend who’s helped me out so many times on so many fronts. She gets extra points and a special place in heaven, in particular, for how she spared my cat Sidney-Beans from unnecessary surgery and helped me through his scary urinary tract episode.

If you’ve not spent time reading and absorbing the great details on her website, what are you waiting for?

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