My goal is solely to help people to help their animals live healthier lives and to shed light on the folly of feeding dry cereal to carnivores. I’ve been asked what my “agenda” is – and that’s it.  That folks feed their cats well so the cats don’t needlessly suffer.  

No joke, the greatest way you can repay me is to feed your cats well. And, okay, maybe you could make some noise with your vet about getting smart on feline nutrition from unbiased sources, rather than relying on the pet food industry to act as a proxy for something as important as nutritional decision-making in health care. If you do that? I’m more than compensated for the effort.

But if you want to do more than that?  Here’s the deal.

A meaningful way to help is to order your supplies from iHerb. They have a nifty little rewards program that’s a win-win.  If you use this link, the first time you order you’ll save money.  You can just click on the green banner thingamajammer here.  Me? Full disclosure is that I accumulate credits over time that I can apply toward buying the ingredients I use when I make food for my cats (I pay taxes on that too, in case you wondered.) Your call, of course. You should get your supplies wherever makes sense.  But gosh, if you’re ordering online anyway?  They have great prices and lightning-fast shipping. I used them before I even knew about this rewards program – scout’s honor, I did! 

Finally, since people ask me this question all the time, here are the names of a handful of my favorite charities and nonprofits where you might also choose to make a donation to show your support for my efforts – I don’t get the direct ‘benefit’ from donations to these organizations, but they are near and dear to my heart and that’s a great gift to me as well:
  • The Feathered Pipe Foundation.  There is no organization in the world that’s made a bigger difference, in every positive way, in my life. Donating to this organization means more to me than words can ever express.
  • Animal Allies, a Northern Virginia all-volunteer organization dedicated to the rescue of homeless and abandoned animals. Our beloved Sidney Beans is from Animal Allies, so they have an extra special place in my heart.
  • TLC Adoptions, a magnificent all-volunteer West Coast cat rescue and adoption organization founded in 1991 that has placed over 3,000 cats and kittens into loving homes. They educate the need to spay and neuter and work extremely hard on ‘street rescue’ of injured and abandoned cats and kittens.
  • So Others Might Eat (SOME), a community organization to help the poor and homeless population in Washington, DC

Thank you.