One Cat’s Smooth Transition to Raw

Wilson has been in the house a little over 48 hours. It looks like the universe sent me one of those “easy” cats to transition to raw. The trick was that he was willing to eat canned food which suggested he was not averse to textures that are different from crunchy dry food.

Perhaps, too, Duke was mentoring him. His first night here, he took some nibbles of raw and obviously recognized it as food – usually the biggest hurdle. Last night after an ‘appetizer’ of some stinky fish food, he dove in headfirst to a plate of homemade raw. He did the same this morning.

Which is only to say that sometimes it’s much, much less of a struggle to switch a cat from kibble to raw food than we think.

Needless to say, we’re very proud of this boy and happy to see that not only has he adapted beautifully to his new surroundings but he has also taken his nutritional rehabilitation in easy stride.

He is one very, very cool cat.

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